[Catalog Reprint]  
Leonard E. Padgett, 1976  (13+ plates).

“A catalog reprint of the 1880’s with price list and pattern key, as originally published by the Mt. Washington Glass Company, New Bedford, Massachusetts.” Prices and pattern names are published in a separate booklet.

(Also available as Corning Museum of Glass microfiche f-5594C and f-5612C.)

An undated typescript entitled “Rakow Library Trade Catalogs”, received by the writer on 1 May 1997, indicates a date of 1879-1880 for this catalog, based on the following comments by K. M. Wilson (28 Apr 1993): “This catalog must date from 1879-1880, since A. H. Seaburg (sic) is listed as ‘Pres. & Treas.’ and is listed as such ONLY in the 1879-1880 New Bedford Directory”. Although it has not been possible to check Wilson’s reference, the 1879-1880 date is too early. C1885 — which is in line with Padgett’s original estimate of “the 1880’s” — should now be considered to be the date of this catalog, based on the following information:

The catalog’s price list contains several items with the notation “(Pat’d)”. For example, items 25 and 28 on plate 6 are illustrations of Frederick S. Shirley’s design-patent (for shape) that was granted by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office on 8 Aug 1882 as patent no. 13,160. The catalog, therefore, could not have been printed prior to 1882.

A. H. Seabury (not Seaburg) was president of the glass company when the Mt. Washington Glass Works was re-organized as the Mt. Washington Glass Company in 1876. He continued in this capacity, and also assumed the duties of Treasurer, until his death in 1887 (Avila 1978, p. 9). (Seabury’s name and positions are printed on the cover of the catalog.) The catalog must, therefore, have been printed sometime between 1882 and 1887; c1885 is a reasonable estimate. Because the catalog is complete, with no apparent additions or revisions, a single “most likely” year of publication is suggested. It is only an estimate, of course, hence the need for “circa”.

Note that it might be possible to reduce the size of the 1882-1887 “window”. Additional patents (for shape, not pattern) are mentioned in the catalog’s price list. We may find one that was granted later than 1882. Unfortunately, the patentees’ names and/or patent dates/numbers are not given. It thus has not been possible to search the USPTO data base, using such information, to locate these patents. The writer would appreciate hearing from anyone who has found them!