The Libbey Glass Co.’s  “Aztec,”  “Columbia,”  “Diana,”  “Kensington,”  “Marcella,”  “Rajah,”  “Rhomb,”  “Savona,”  “Stratford”  and “Wedgemere”  designs are only a few of the rare and desirable designs created by William C. Anderson, the undisputed master pattern designer of the American Brilliant Period.  Chain of Evidence — Observations on the Life and Work of William C. Anderson,  is a 151-page book detailing Anderson’s life and his work product.  It has photos of 104 Anderson designs that were created for the New England Glass Co. (Libbey’s predecessor), The Libbey Glass Co. and his own American Cut Glass Co.  The excellent photos and the enjoyable text were developed by the Anderson Study Group under the guidelines of the late Leigh Emmerson.  Leigh spent more than twenty years studying the work and life of William C. Anderson.  In 1999, a chance meeting with W.C. Anderson’s great granddaughter led to a greater understanding of Anderson the person, his long business career and items of American Brilliant cut glass in his personal collection.

This is a very well-researched document, with excellent photos of actual pieces cut in Anderson designs.  The detailed yet easily understood information will help a collector identify and appreciate the geometric and realistic designs of W.C. Anderson.  It is highly recommended to collectors of American Brilliant cut glass of all levels.

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