Carol Weir Articles

Carol Weir, past president of the American Cut Glass Association, is a long-time collector and dealer of American Brilliant cut glass.  Carol’s love of — and passion for –cut glass is well known.  Over the years, she has shared her accumulated knowledge with members of the ACGA, other collectors and the general public.  Fortunately, we met Carol in our first year of collecting cut glass and were able to benefit from her shared knowledge.  Some of our favorite shared information — in the form of three articles Carol wrote for The Hobstar,  The Journal of the ACGA — were instrumental in the development of our appreciation of both the pinwheel motif and of bowls in general.

The three articles have been posted to our website for your viewing.  Several carefully-selected items with the pinwheel motif may be viewed in our catalog simply type “pinwheel” in the search box. The two bowling articles are central to a forthcoming article titled The Best Buy in ABCG.  The article will explain why our personal collection of over 600 pieces is enhanced by over 70 bowls of various sizes and shapes, cut in rare and unique designs.

          1.       Pinwheels, Pretty Pinwheels

          2.       Let’s Go Bowling

          3.       Let’s Go Bowling II