Cleaning your Glass

Our Cleaning Set-up

Whenn “Magic Snake Oil” is used according to the easy-to-follow instructions, your glass will have the brilliant sparkle that it had when it was brand new.  The results are field tested and truly amazing.  If, for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results, send back any unused portion and we will send up to double your money back.

In the above photo of our permanent glass cleaning set-up,   the large plastic tub on the right contains 5-gallons of water and 1/4 cup (60 cc) of our “magic snake oil” glass cleaner.  We have found 1/4 cup ( 60 cc) added to 5 gallons of water a very effective mixture; the use of a stronger mix does not clean your glass faster or better.  As the water level goes down due to evaporation and loss from use, we add water to bring it up to the original level until the solution is no longer effective.  We use an oversized, easy-to-get-on-and-off rubber glove on the right hand to give you a better grip on the glass and to prevent drying out of your skin.  (“Magic snake oil” is a powder whose primary ingredient is borax which effectively strips the oil from your skin and dries it out–there is nothing in the cleaner that is ‘toxic’ to your skin, however).  The solution remains usable for long periods of time.  We change to a new batch only after the solution becomes stratified or gets visually dirty.  Generally, no brushing or scrubbing of the glass is needed after cleaning.  When using for the first time, we soak our glass for an extended period of time — 24 to 48 hours; a lengthy initial soaking will both clean and brighten the blank; subsequent cleaning will require only a few minutes of soaking.  Rinse thoroughly with room-temperature fresh water, drain on a towel for a few minutes and then rub dry with a cotton bath towel.  We also use narrow strips of an old bath towel (with edges that have been serged) to dry the inside of items you cannot get your hand into; a long wooden dowel is used to move the strip around the inside of the piece.  For very small openings, it is best to leave a ‘tail’ hanging out so you can easily remove the strip after drying the inside of the piece.  The solution does wonders for the inside and outside of any glass – however it will not remove etched-on cloudiness.  We have not found any problems with the product or the process.

* 3/4 cup of the “Magic Snake Oil” glass cleaner
(which is three, 5-gal.’batches’) is available for $15.00 including shipping

Magic Snake Oil