Craig Carlson/L. Straus and Sons

Craig Carlson, with the able assistance of John Niemiec, created the second L. Straus and Sons catalog. It was a monumental and innovative effort that took several years to complete. The catalog was created by combining trade advertisements, Macy catalogs and written information gleaned from newspapers, trade journals and other writings of the time. The information regarding both L. Straus and Sons and the Macy Department Store (both of New York, NY) became a 40-page document that told a fascinating story of these two great companies; this information was intended to be the introduction to the second Straus catalog. Unfortunately, the 40-page document was reduced to only seven pages when the catalog was published by the ACGA in 2000. The ‘introduction’ is now availabale in its entirely for your enjoyment.


Part 1: The Macey and Straus cut glass connection

Part 2: The Straus family story

Part 3: L. Straus and Sons and its history

Part 4: Macy’s glass cutting operation

Part 5: L. Straus and Sons cutting operations

Part 6: The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Straus cut glass

Part 7: Additional L. Straus and Sons cutting operations

Part 8: L. Straus and Sons history recap