By Bill Barnett, Craig Carlson, and Ron Noll

(Paper Sponsored by the Research & Information Committee of the ACGA)
(taken from The HOBSTAR of the American Cut Glass Assoc., July 2000)


This paper provides additional pattern identifications for Volumes 2 & 3 of J. Michael Pearson’s “Encyclopedia of American Cut and Engraved Glass” as were published in the June 2000 HOBSTAR for Volume 1. The results reported here are largely derived from Paul Mile’s database and comprise the third in a series of pattern identification papers. The following table of Additional Pattern Identifications lists the Book (Volume 2 or 3), Page number in the book, the Location of the item on the page, the Cutting Firm that produced the glass, and the Identification Source used for identification. There are 157 additional pattern IDs provided for Volumes 2 & 3.


In order to conserve space, an ACRONYM KEY following the ID table defines the acronyms used in referencing the identification sources.


Our purpose is to add to the knowledge of ACGA members and should not be interpreted as a criticism of the pioneering authors who worked so hard to produce the books we all enjoy and value. Since publication of these books, the ACGA has published catalog reprints, which have made additional pattern identifications possible. We request that you share your additional pattern identifications with us so that the information can be provided in turn
to all ACGA members. Contributors to the database include Craig Carlson, Ron Noll, Tom Marple and numerous others.