—– H —–

Hajaby, Hampton, Hanover, Harold, Harmony, Harvard, Havana, Hebe, Helene, Herald, Hero, Hilda, Hobart, Hobnail, Holborn, Holland, Hollow Diamond, Hollow Diamond & Lapidary Ends, Hollow Flutes & Splits, Hollows, Homer, Hudson, Huron

—– I and J —–

Iceland, Imperial (2), Irene, Isabelle, Isis, Japan, Japanese, Jersey, Josephine, Juliet, Jubilee, Juno, Jupiter

—– K —–

Kaiser, Katherine, Kensington, Kent, Keuka, Killarney, King Edward, Kings, Kimberly, Kismet, Klondyke, Kohinoor, Kohinoor & Panel, Kohinoor & St. Louis [Diamond]


Bowl Cut in the Kensington Pattern


Hawkes introduced the Kensington pattern about 1900; it is shown here on blank no. 700. D = 9″ (22.9 cm), H = 3.5″ (8.9 cm). The bowl failed to sell at $1,075 at an
Ebay auction in 2002 (Images: Internet).
A pair of finger bowls in this pattern sold for $140 in 1984. They were very slightly crizzled, a defect that, in this case, was difficult to see.

kensington1 kensington2

Compote Cut in the Kings Pattern by T. G. Hawkes & Company


Part of the “royal household” but not as well-known as the Queens pattern, Kings is here cut on shape no. 1077. D = 9″ (22.9 cm), H = 6″ (15.2 cm). Sold for $2,030 at an eBay auction in 2002.

—– L —–

Lace Hobnail, Lace Hobnail & Flutes, Lady Alice, Lamont, Lapidary, Large Deep Hobnail, Large Hobnail, Large Russian, Large Strawberry Diamond, Laurier, Lawrence, Lehigh, LaModerne, Lexington, Light Hobnail, Lillian, Lincoln, Lombard, London, Lorraine, Louis XIV, Louis XIV (w/medallion), Lucca, Lucerne, Lucy, Luminous, Lustre

—– M —–

Madeline, Majestic, Majo, Malta, Manhattan, Manlius, Marion, Marquis, Mars, Martha, Maxim, Melba, Melrose, Mignon, Mildred, Millicent, Milo, Milton, Minerva, Minton, Mirage, Mirror, Mirror Block, Mission, Mitre & Fans, Mocha, Model, Modern Border, Mohawk, Mona, Monroe, Montrose, Moscow, Moselle

—– N —–

Naomi, Napier, Naples, Napoleon, Napoleon I, Nautilus, Navarre, Nelson (2), Neptune, Nevada, Newport, New Princess, New St. Cloud, New York, Nordica, Norman, Normandy, North Star, Norwood


Plate Cut in the Nautilus Pattern by T. G. Hawkes & Company


Restored: “Some surface scratches were removed professionally and are no longer detectable”. D = 10.25″ (26.0 cm), H = 1.25″ (3.2 cm), wt = 3.5 lb (1.6 kg). Sold for $6,900 at an eBay auction in 2003 (Image: Internet).

—– O —–

Oakland, Oceanic, Odd (several), Old Colony, Old English (several), Old English Flutes, Old Waterford (several), Old Pattern, Olive, Olympic, Omega, Oregon, Oriental, Ormond, Othello, Oxford

—– P —–

Pacific, Palermo, Palmyra, Panama, Panel (2), Passion Star, Patricia, Paul Revere, Pekin, Pembroke, Penrose (2), Persian (2), Persian & Pillars, Perth, Phoenix, Pilgrim (2), Pillars, Pillars & Diamonds, Pillars & Fleur de Lys, Pillars & Lace Hobnail, Pillars & Large Hobnail, Pillars & Plain Star, Pillars & Rich Star, Pillars & Silver Diamond Band, Pillars & Star, Plaid, Plain, Plymouth, Portland, Prairie, Premier (2), Priscilla, Princess (2), Princess & Hollows, Princess & Prisms, Prudence, Pueblo, Puritan

—– Q and R —–

Quarter Diamond, Queen Anne, Queen Louise, Queens, Radiant, Raleigh, Regina, Rathbone, Reese, Regent, Renfrew, Revere, Richfield, Richmond, Rings & Notches, Rio, Roman, Rolled Pillars, Roman, Rosalie, Rouen, Ruskin, Russian, Russian & Hobnail, Russian & Pillars, Russian & Prisms, Russian & Stars, Russian & Swirl, Russian & Twisted Pillars

—– S —–

S & HU, St. Cloud, St. James, St. Regis, Saturn, Savoy, Selkirk, Selma, Serpentine & Russian, Serpentine & Strawberry Daimonds, Servia, Sharp Diamond, Sheba, Sheraton, Sherman, Silver Diamond, Silver Diamond Band, Silver Diamond Band & Large Hobnail, Silver Diamond Star, Silvia, Sonora, Sorento, Stafford, Star, Star & Hobnail, Starlight, Stars, Stars & Prisms, Stepped, Straight Pillars & Hobnails, Strawberry Diamond, Strawberry Diamond & Fan, Strawberry Diamond & Hobnail, Suffolk, Sultana, Sultana Border

—– T —–

Table Diamond, Tartan, Teutonic, Thais, Thelma, Thistle, Thousand Eyes, Tokio, Toltec, Trellis, Trilby, Triumph, Tudor, Tunis, Twisted Flutes, Twisted Pillars, Twisted Pillars & ?, Tyrone

—– U and V —–

Union, Utopia, Valencia, Valencian, Vassar, Veddo, Venetian (3), Venetian & Lapidary, Venus, Vermont, Vernay, Versailles, Victor, Victoria, Viking, Vilas, Viola, Violet, Virginia, Vivian

—– W, X, and Y —–

Washington, Waterford (several), Warsaw, Westfield, Weston, Whirlwind, Wilbert, Willow, Winchester, Windsor, Winifred, X, Y, Yale, Yeddo, York, Yukon

—– Numbered Patterns —–(several of the numbers less than the number ten were probably used more than once)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 60, 283, 283 1/2, 322, 462, 636, 641, 643, 756 1/2, 800, 999, 1189, 1190, 1283, 1284, 1286, 1287, 1302, 1401, 1407, 1417, 1582, 3708

The two geometric patterns patented by T. G. Hawkes & Company, for which catalog names have yet to be discovered, are as follows. In each case an assigned, unofficial name, by which the pattern is generally known, is given, together with its source:

  • Pat. no. 12,982: “MacDonald” or “Burgess III with Option” (See the russian2.htm file in Part 1 for discussion).
  • Pat. no. 17,838: “Russian and Pillar” (Daniel 1950, p. 203)


Two Cut-Glass Vases from T. G. Hawkes & Company


Both of these patterns probably date from about 1905. All examples seen thus far by the writer have been signed. LEFT: The Kent pattern on blank no. 1202 which is at least one-half inch thick. H = 14.25″ (36.2 cm), max D = 6.5″ (16.5 cm), wt = 7.75 lb (3.5 kg). Sold for $900 in 1991. RIGHT: The Navarre pattern, which is similar to the Queens pattern and only slightly less popular today. Both patterns are often found on this heavy blank, no. 1106, with its solid, faceted knob. 24-pt hobstar foot. H = 15.75″ (40 cm), rim D = 6.4″ (16.2 cm), wt = 7 lb (3.2 kg). Sold for $500 in 1989.

kent8 navarre8