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This outstanding punchbowl was cut by J.D. Bergen Co. of Meriden, CT in their “Columbia” design; the “Columbia” design is shown on several pages of the 1893 Bergen catalog (an ACGA reprint).  Early Bergen pieces are among the very best glass produced during the American Brilliant Period.  Their blanks were of the best metal, the cutting was precise and entirely wheel-polished.  The curved tusks used in the “Columbia” design are highly favored by knowledgeable collectors.  We have never seen a ‘bad’ piece of “Columbia.”

The punchbowl is 12-inches in diameter, stands 4 3/4-inches tall and weighs 9 1/4-lbs.   It is heavy for its size and has the soft, silky feel of ‘old glass.’   It is in better than extremely fine condition.

The photos do not do the piece justice!  A great introduction to ‘tusks,’ one of the most difficult motifs to cut.