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This is the finest ice tub and plate we have ever offered.  It is a product of T.B. Clark & Co. of Honesdale, PA and is cut in their “Yolande” design.  Both the design and the shape are shown in Clark’s 1901 Summer and Fall catalog (an ACGA reprint).   The best-metal blank is a delight to behold — very clear and absolutely colorless; it is undoubtedly from Dorflinger & Sons located in nearby White Mills, PA.  The beauty of the blank is enhanced by the clear, uncut triangle areas in the design and by the deep, major miters that are completely wheel-polished to a mirror-like brilliance.  The eye-appealing shape of the set is enhanced by the extra wide rim of the underplate and its deep well for the ice tub.  The extra width of the rim allows the entire design to be displayed as it is on the ice tub itself.  Usually underplates display only part of the total design of a piece.

The ice tub stands 5 1/2-inches tall and has a top diameter of 5 3/4-inches; the underplate is 8 1/2-inches in diameter and stands 1 3/8-inches tall.  Both the ice tub and the underplate have the same 3 1/2-inch diameter, 20-point hobstars on the base.  The set stands 6-inches tall when assembled and weighs 5 1/2-lbs.   The double-notched handles are perfectly attached.   Both pieces are in better than extremely fine condition as defined on our website.

A carefully selected piece of American Brilliant cut glass that we have enjoyed in our personal collection for several years.