Sales Catalog

*If any piece doesn’t have a price listed, please inquire
**Navigation, Filtering & Sorting Help Available below

Navigation Tips

You can filter by one or more categories by simply clicking the titles on the right menu. When filtered the Menu item will highlight’ indicating its part of your filter, clicking the title again will remove it from your filtered options.

You can also filter by price range using the Price slider to set minimum and maximum price options.

Filtered and/or unfiltered items can also be sorted by name or price using the options in the Sort By drop down box. Searching for a specific item? Enter text in the search box and click enter.

To clear filters or sorts: “Clear All” button at the top of the page resets the page.

Clicking on any image from the catalog will take you to the items details page. From there clicking on any image will launch you into a full screen “light box” to view larger more detailed images.

To exit and return to the details page use the “X” located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

To exit the details screen and return to the main sales catalog use the Return to Catalog link located in the upper left corner of the details page.