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Living in the Pacific Northwest has many advantages.  It is not, however, in a central geographic location that is easily accessible.  We would like to share our collection of American Brilliant cut glass with each of you, ideally by your personal visit to Portland which — unfortunately — would be both time-consuming and expensive.  The easy, cost-free way of sharing would be via an easy-to-operate slide show that you could view at your convenience in your home or office.  The slide show is divided into ten sections; when you click on a section name, the slide show will automatically open and begin.  Each piece has a design name if known, the name of the shape, the size, and our identification number.

We encourage your comments, questions and challenges to any of the information contained herein.  We are particularly interested in identifying any of the items in the ‘unknown  folder or anything with a ‘?’ after the stated cutting house or design name.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.  If you would like help in identifying any of your American Brilliant cut glass items, please feel free to email photos to us.    Pick a section, click the link, sit back and enjoy!


Bergen — Meriden — Monroe

Libbey -- W.C. Anderson/American Cut Glass -- New England Cut Glass

W.C. Anderson/American Cut Glass
New England Cut Glass

L. Straus & Sons

L. Straus & Sons

Hawkes -- Egginton -- Sinclaire -- Tuthill

Hawkes — Egginton
Sinclaire — Tuthill

Dorflinger -- O'Connor -- Clark -- Maple City

Dorflinger — O’Connor
Clark — Maple City



 Pairpoint -- Mt. Washington -- Boston & Sandwich

Pairpoint — Mt. Washington
Boston & Sandwich

Great Unknowns

Great Unknowns

J. Hoare -- Elmira

J. Hoare — Elmira

Other Cutting Houses

Other Cutting Houses

Baccarat, Blackmer, Empire, Fry, Gundy-Clapperton, Hinsberger, Hope, Imperial, Jewel, Kelly & Steinman, Kny,
Koh-I-Noor, Krantz & Smith, Niagara, Niland, Pitkin & Brooks, Quaker City, Taylor Bros., Val Saint Lambert

When you close the slide show, you will return to the slide show ‘Welcome’ page on our website.

A large volume of information regarding most of the cutting houses may be accessed from the menu bar on our website pages.  Click on Cutting Houses and then click on any cutting house in the drop-down menu list to view.

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